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Committed to do better

All our products are organic* and plant-based. We respect nature and have strict rules for respecting the environment. Everything we make is GMO free and organic* certified, which means less pesticides and antibiotics in your body and our soil. Like all organic products, there are no artifical additives, preservatives and colourings in any of our foods. We rigorously evaluate every ingredient on its added value and we will never use unnecessary ones. We are open and honest so everybody can understand all our ingredients and why we put them in. What doesn’t fit, we leave out. We're not perfect, but ever since we started out in 1983 we’ve been dedicated to doing better.

How we do better
* We also offer a drink enriched with vitamins — our Provamel Drink Soya with Calcium & Vitamins. This is the only product in our assortment that is not and cannot be organic.

our 2 key battles by 2025

leading the transition to regenerative organic agriculture to #saveoursoil

✓ starting with: soya, almonds and oats.


becoming a front-runner in transparency to make you #trustyourfood again

✓ launching a brand-new digital tool to scan and trace the entire supply chain of our core ingredients, from soil to shelf.

✓ removing or replacing additives that consumers don’t understand, recognize or find irrelevant without compromising your Provamel experience.

✓ source certain ingredients (even) more locally than we do today. Want to dig deeper into our Manifesto?

Get comfortable and start reading it here.





Bio-based ­packaging

Our 1l drinks cartons are 100% recyclable. They're made from 88% bio-based material - sustainably grown sugar cane, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. Our ultimate goal is to make 100% of our packaging from bio-based material. We're not quite there, but working on it. At the moment we use an alumium foil lining to protect our drinks and keep them fresh tasting. That's next on the list to be replaced with bio-based materials just as soon as we find the right one. The pack for our plant-based alternatives to yoghurt is also fully recyclable - just be sure to take off the paper wraparound before you put it in the bin.

our farmer, not an influencer

Sicily, Mazzarino

Nope, he doesn’t have time to travel much. Almond farming is hard work, but he absolutely loves it. “It’s my passion to make high-quality products, like my father used to do.”
The only downside? “Due to global warming natural disasters have been occurring more often, destroying crops.” But it makes him even more dedicated to stick to organic farming.

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do it yourself

Want to try it at home? Find out just how easy it is to make your very own drink from scratch.

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