Competition rules for Veganuary Giveaway

These competition rules apply to the [Kazidomi] competition [Veganuary Giveaway] (hereinafter referred to as: the “Competition”) that is organized by Alpro Comm. VA Vlamingstraat 28, 8560 Wevelgem (Belgium), company number BE 0420.429.375 (hereinafter referred to as: “Alpro”,without any obligation to buy a product.


Article 1: General

  1. 1. Participation to the Competition is exclusively reserved to [all persons living in Belgium, France, and Netherlands] who are at least [18] years of age.

  2. Alpro’s members of personnel and of agencies involved are excluded from participation. Also, their family members (i.e. members of one and the same family or persons living at the same address) are not allowed to participate. Furthermore, all persons that participate in an organized manner, or in a factual or legally organized way, or in any other way cooperate with the aim to increase their chances to win are excluded from the competition. Finally, all persons who use tricks or disseat, such as the use of specialized computer programs, or in any other way participate fraudulently with the aim to increase their chances to win are excluded too.

  3. Each participant can only participate once

  4. To the extent legally possible, Alpro can perform either itself or in cooperation with a third party, all checks it regards necessary to verify the capacity of the participants and compliance with these conditions. Non-compliance will result in the exclusion of the participant from the Competition.

  5. 2. Only one (1) prize per address shall be accorded.

  6. 3. Participation to the Competition is free. Normal costs for participation to the Competition are to be borne entirely by the participant. Participants can under no circumstances ask for a refund of such costs.

  7. 4. Participation to the contest implies the acceptance of all provisions of these competition rules, including any decision Alpro shall need to take. Non-compliance with these competition rules and each attempt to fraud shall lead to the immediate exclusion of the participant.

  8. In the event of any irregularities such as errors that occur during the contest or at Alpro itself, Alpro shall decide autonomously on the way these irregularities shall be corrected and dealt with.

  9. 5. The Competition shall be announced on Instagram.



Article 2: Data

  1. 1. The participant has to fill out/other means by which the date must be made known to Alpro the following data first name, family name, address, number, zip code, city, e-mail address

  2. 2. All personal data that come into Alpro’s possession following the Competition shall be treated as confidential and shall be processed in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. The participant agrees to the processing of his/her provided personal data for purposes essential for the execution of the Competition, being the identification of the winners and the distribution of the prizes. Personal data will only be stored for as long as necessary for the good progress of this competition. Alpro, as the “controller” for this Competition calls on “processor” Mutant, who ensures the competition coordination.

  3. 3. By checking the tick box “Yes, Alpro can pamper me at this e-mail address with extra tips, recipes, discounts, …”, the participant agrees that his/her data are used for direct marketing purposes of Alpro.

  4. Direct marketing should be understood as the storage and processing by Alpro of the data and the participation form, in order to keep the participant informed of Alpro’s products, initiatives, competitions and recipes.

  5. 4. Participants have the right to verify their data and to have incorrect data corrected by sending an email via the contact form on the website ( or by sending a letter to the address of the registered office of Alpro.

  6. Every participant can use the same channels free of charge and at any time, to oppose against the use of his or her personal data for direct marketing purposes.

  7. 5. Execution of the Competition is to be understood as the fact that data, the participation form, footage where the participating winner is shown could be used for whatever reasons (including public communications) that are connected with the Competition (other than indicated in article 2.2 of these competition rules). This includes use on the internet, in printed materials or any other means of communication



article 3: how and where can you participate?

  1. 1. This Competition runs from January 24th till January 30th. Participation either prior to the start date January 24th or after the end date January 30th shall not be taken into account.

  2. 2. The participant can only participate validly to the Competition by following both Provamel and Kazidomi on their Instagram accounts, commenting under the competition’s post by tagging 2 users, answering one question (which is your favorite vegan dish?) and repositing the competition post in their stories tagging both Provamel and Kazidomi.



Article 4: Determination of the winners

  1. 1. in the event an artistic performance is required: Alpro jury/bailiff shall determine the winners
    in the event speed is essential: X number that answer/do something first shall win
    in the event questions/” determining question” is being asked: in order to be able to win the participant, in principle, has to answer all questions correctly, including the “determining question”. In case of lack of sufficient correct answers to the “determining question” for the distribution of all prizes as foreseen in article 5, the winners shall be determined on the basis of the number that is the closest to the correct answer to the “determining question”, whereby the closest number that is higher than the correct answer precedes the closest number that is lower than the correct answer. In case of lack of sufficient correct answers to the questions (not being the “determining question”) for the distribution of all prizes as foreseen in article 5, then among the participants who have at least answered one (1) of the two (2) questions correctly the answer to “determining question” shall determine the winners. In case of a tie the participants who have sent their participation form first, shall be the winners. The participation forms that have been received shall be checked and the winners shall be determined by the jury/bailiff only after the end of the Competition. His decision shall be final and irrevocable and cannot be contested in any way. The participants are aware of the possibility to win a prize depends on their intellectual capacity and speed to answer the questions and “determining question”. Thus, they are aware that it is possible not to win a prize although the have answered all questions correctly, this because of the fact they were not fast enough to send back the participation forms.

  2. 2. The winners shall be informed via the e-mail address or address they submitted regarding the prize that has been won within a month after the end of the Competition. Alpro cannot be held responsible for not awarding the prize(s) in case the postal address or e-mail address submitted is incorrect or incomplete or in case a change in postal address or e-mail address had not been notified.

  3. 3. The prizes shall be sent with the post to the winners.

  4. 4. In the event a prize is not received by the winner within three (3) months after the end of the Competition and no error has been made by Alpro, the winner loses his:her rights to the prize which remains Alpro’s property. In such case the winner has no right to another prize or any other form of compensation.

  5. 5. Without prejudice to Alpro's rights as set out under Article 2.5, the results of the Competition shall not be communicated publicly.



Article 5: Prizes

  1. 1. 1 box of preselected vegan products + a yearly Kazidomi membership

  2. 2. Prizes are not exchangeable for their value in money or for other benefits in kind. The prizes are personal and can not be passed through or sold to third parties.



Article 6: Liability

  1. 1. In the event the competition is not online: Except in the event of fraud or material error of Alpro, Alpro shall not be liable for any faults or problems with technical or other infrastructure that would hinder the correct course of the Competition. Alpro cannot be held liable in the event of problems with sending, arrival or loss of regular post or in the event of exclusion of participants or termination of the Competition for whatever reason. In general, Alpro cannot be held liable for possible damage or costs of any kind that are the direct or indirect consequence of the participation to the Competition or the prizes won.

  2. 2. In the event the competition is online: Participation to the Competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the features and limitations of the internet, regarding technical issues this means the risk for interruptions and more in general the risks that follow from each connection and transfer made over the internet, the absence of security of certain data against possible deviations and the risk for contamination by possible viruses on the network. Therefore, Alpro can under no circumstances be held liable for amongst others:

  3. -Transmissions over the internet.

  4. - Malfunctioning of the internet and/or software used.

  5. - Consequences of viruses, bugs and other anomalies.

  6. - Any kind of technical, hardware- and software errors.

  7. 3. Alpro cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage as a consequence of an interruption, any kind of malfunctions that relate to the course of the Competition, the exclusion of participants or the termination of the Competition for whatever reason. This also applies to all direct or indirect damage that would come from a connection with the website or Each participant has to take all necessary measure to protect his own data and/or the software programs on his IT devices and/or his website against any kind of error. The connection with and the Alpro website and the participation to the Competition completely fall under the responsibility of the participants. Alpro cannot be held liable in the event this Competition should be altered, shortened or cancelled because of force majeure or because of reasons outside Alpro’s intentions. Alpro reserves the right to check whether the applicable legislation and competition rules have been complied with so that any participant can be excluded in the event of non-compliance. Nevertheless, Alpro is not obliged to systematically check all participation forms that have been sent and can limit itself to checking the winners. Alpro and the entities appointed by it are in no way liable towards the winners with regard to prizes, including their delivery, their state, their qualities and any possible consequences, incidents or accidents caused by the sending, possession or use thereof.

  8. 4. Printing, spelling and any other type of such errors are no grounds for damages or any other obligation of Alpro.



Article 7: Alpro’s rights

  1. 1. Alpro reserves the right, at its own discretion and without any prior notice, to terminate, to interrupt or to alter the Competition and/or to change the prizes of the Competition in the event circumstances would require so without leading to any liability of Alpro.

  2. 2. Alpro reserves the right to delete at all times any testimonials of participants on Instagram. This may occur because the testimonial would not be compliant with the applicable legislation or because of other editorial considerations justified in Alpro’s own opinion. Alpro is not obliged to inform the participant in advance and does not have to motivate its action.



Article 8: Instagram

In the event of an Instagram competition, the following needs to be mentioned:

  1. 1. The participant acknowledges that the Competition is being organized by Alpro and not by Instagram. Therefore, Instagram cannot be held liable in any way for elements that relate to the Competition.

  2. 2. Alpro acknowledges that Instagram does not sponsor, endorse, or administer the Competition in any way and is in no way associated with it.

  3. 3. The participant provides his/her personal data to Alpro and not to Instagram.



Article 9: Contact

Questions, remarks or complaints regarding the Competition or the competition rules can be sent in written to the abovementioned address or can be sent to Alpro via the contact form on the Alpro website:


Article 10: Miscellaneous

  1. 1. These competition rules are only available at from January 24 till January 30th. A paper copy of these rules will be sent free of charge to any person requesting the same in a letter addressed to Alpro at the following address: Provamel | Contact Us.

  2. 2. Alpro’s terms of use and privacy policy apply to this Competition and can be found at .

  3. 3. The Competition, these competition rules and the interpretation thereof are subject to Belgian law and any possible conflict shall be settled exclusively before the courts of Kortrijk.