Are your summer plans uncertain due to the corona crisis? Ours too. Farmers are short handed to harvest their fields so they could use your help. And maybe you’d like some change of environment too. Provamel invites you and your family to have a close look at a local farm. Stay there a few days, live like a farmer and take the opportunity to learn all about organic farming. Every stay needs pictures! Don’t forget to use #farmcation and tag us before posting online.

It’s a weird summer,
don’t let it be a wasted one.

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Sustainable organic sourcing & harvesting

For our soya, oats, rice or almonds (or hazelnuts), we prefer working with small, local organic farmers in Europe instead of the big players in the global market. That way, we develop long lasting, personal relationships with our producers based on mutual respect and trust. They know they have a safe and secure future with us, we know we're getting the best of their harvest. When we do have to look worldwide for ingredients, such as cocoa, we make sure that our sources are sustainable. All the ingredients that we source are vegan, GMO-free and organic.

Our ingredients

Help Stay partnership

HelpStay is a volunteering platform that connects travellers with organic farmers around the world. You work for them and they’ll let you stay for free. It’s as easy as that.


They are a community of people who like to travel with a purpose. For Helpstay, travel is about learning, sharing and growing. That’s why we, Provamel, choose to collaborate with Helpstay. So book your farmcation, learn everything about organic farming and share your experience.


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How to participate

1. Check out our website & click on ‘book now’
2. Sign up as a helper on
3. Choose an organic farmer you would like to help
4. Get ready to learn all about organic farming on your #farmcation

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