why we wrote our manifesto

We’re not here to be cool. We’re more the down-to-earth nerdy types, here to keep the planet cool(er) by making a positive impact with good dirt. All while being 100% transparent about everything we do: from how we grow and produce our ingredients and products to packaging and transport. So, we made this Manifest to put our money where our mouth is. Because we believe action speaks louder than words. But also, to make you fully understand (and trust) our brand and to share our pitfalls with you. Because we won’t just get there by clicking our heels three times. It takes effort and dedication. And since we’re into facts and figures big time, we’ll kick ourselves in the butt with regular, honest reports to track progress.

our 2 key battles by 2025

leading the transition to regenerative organic agriculture to #saveoursoil

✓ starting with: soya, almonds and oats.


becoming a front-runner in transparency to make you #trustyourfood again

✓ launching a brand-new digital tool to scan and trace the entire supply chain of our core ingredients, from soil to shelf.

✓ removing or replacing additives that consumers don’t understand, recognize or find irrelevant without compromising your Provamel experience.

✓ source certain ingredients (even) more locally than we do today. Want to dig deeper into our Manifesto?

Get comfortable and start reading it here.