Meet our Farmers

Meet our farmers

We’ve become so disconnected from our food and nature, we don’t even know the person who grew the ingredients in our glass or on our plate. So, it’s high time to meet some of the farmers we work with and to discover their personal stories. We bet you’ll love your food even more afterwards.

our farmer, not a supermodel

France, Lectoure


Notice his pose? Reminds us of superman landing on earth. Or any other random hero. Yet, he’s 100% human and fond of discovering new people, cultures and sustainable tools. Growing organic food every day is his way of taking care of us and the planet.

our farmer, our famiglia

Sicily, Riesi

*insert heroic jingle with pan flute solo*

Gaetano switched to organic farming because he:
✓ respects the planet and our future 100%.
✓ wants to make organic products accessible for everyone.
✓ loves to see the positive results of his hard work.
Fair enough, right? That’s why he is our hero.

our farmer, not a pole vaulter

Sicily, Salemi

Yet he deserves a medal for his hard work. All his organic, European almonds are hand-picked, with a little help from his stick. “Not everyone realises that our organic almonds are the result of long and hard labour. They don’t just fall from the sky. We poke them with sticks first (laughs)”. We bet you’ll think of Vito next time you’re having breakfast.

The Aoueille’s,
our farmers, not a rock band

France, Pessoulens


Meet the family. Even though they’re not a band, their family bond is rock solid. The Aoueille’s work on their organic family farm by taking turns, from 8.30 am until 8.30 pm. E-ve-ry day. A day in the life: ⁠⠀
✓ Coffee with the grandparents ⁠⠀
✓ Preparing machines, harvesting plots and emptying crates.⁠⠀

✓ Enjoying free time with the kids.⁠⠀
✓ Sleep & repeat.⁠⠀

our farmer, not an influencer

Sicily, Mazzarino

Nope, he doesn’t have time to travel much. Almond farming is hard work, but he absolutely loves it. “It’s my passion to make high-quality products, like my father used to do.” The only downside? “Due to global warming natural disasters have been occurring more often, destroying crops.” But it makes him even more dedicated to stick to organic farming.

our farmer, not a wax statue

Sicily, Capo

Because he’s never standing still. Being an organic farmer today means you follow certain traditions, but, also use new #technologies (we’re not talking about TikTok®here). Especially since climate change has started to impact crops. “Organizing and planning my farming work has become so difficult, since the weather changes constantly.” Fortunately, Giuseppe’s an agronomist (read: crop scientist) so he adapts quickly. And he helps his fellow farmers.

our farmer, our queen bee

France, Nougaroulet

If you can be it, teach it. Unless you still have nightmares about tests: then don’t. Luckily, Aude loves school: she’s an organic farmer AND teaches agronomy in an agricultural high school. She runs the farm together with her husband Alexandre. But she’s still the queen of the hive. She mainly does the sowing, harvesting and manual weeding - nope, no pesticides - since she divides her time between their farm and her school. And their son, who “grows as quickly as our crops”. Needless to say, we think she’s a 10/10.

our farmer, not a blacksmith

France, Lavardens

Claude might not be a blacksmith, he’s still a man of steel. See, he’s a majorly talented organic soya farmer AND the Mayor of Lavardens (the village he lives in). What a day in the life looks like?

✓ Daily chat with his dad (whose farm he took over).
✓ Machine maintenance.
✓ Farming organic soya.
✓ Passing by the Town Hall.
✓ Enjoying time with his wife, daughter & dog.

our farmer, our Sicilian defense

Sicily, Mazzarino

He’s one of our proud organic farmers. His determination, tenacity and passion for organic farming are badass traits we can only applaud. What he’d like to accomplish?

✓Improve the resources and farming methods in Sicily.
✓Inspire young farmers to switch to organic farming, while preparing them for potential setbacks.