Standing up against climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges our generation is facing, and carbon reduction is something Provamel has taken seriously for a long time. In December 2016, the United Nations reached an ambitious international agreement on climate change. The target was to keep global warming well below 2°C and even 1.5°C by the end of the 21st century in order to limit the worst impacts of climate change. But even before that, we were doing our bit. In 2011, Provamel became one of the first European food companies to join the WWF Climate Savers program. And today we stay committed to ‘science-based targets’: reducing our emissions in line with the global reduction pathway which aims to limit global warming to below 2°C.





bio-based packaging

Our 1l drinks cartons are 100% recyclable. They're made from 88% bio-based material – sustainably grown sugar cane, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. Our ultimate goal is to make 100% of our packaging from bio-based material. We're not quite there, but working on it. At the moment we use an alumium foil lining to protect our drinks and keep them fresh tasting. That's next on the list to be replaced with bio-based material just as soon as we find the right one. The pack for our plant-based alternatives to yogurt is also fully recylable – just be sure to take off the paper wraparound before you put it in the bin.

Proud to be b corp certified

Provamel is proud to be certified as a registered B Corporation. B Corps are companies that have together formed a global movement with a long-lasting commitment to not just profit but also social progress, the environment and transparency in all they do. You can find out more about their high standards at

committed to sustainable production

Overall, the production of plant-based food is highly resource efficient. In fact, our soya-based drinks use less land, less water, and less CO2. Using crops to feed humans is more efficient than using them to feed animals first and then us, and eating a healthy, sustainable plant-based diet can go a long way to reduce our impact on the planet. Our sustainability goes all the way – in our factory, currently, we're pleased to say that all Provamel products are produced in a CO2 neutral way.*

Carbon Neutral Production

We want to become 100% carbon neutral. Yup, that means we aren’t quite there yet.
In order to do that, we need to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible. Between 2010 and 2020 our direct carbon emissions shrunk BIG time. All by constantly investing in energy efficiency and green electricity. The result? For the production of every Provamel product about 35% of direct carbon emissions was reduced.

As we’re compensating for the remaining emissions, we’re proud to say that the production process in our factories, based in Europe, has been CO2-neutral* since 2014 for their direct emissions. So, what do we do to compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions? We financially support reforestation projects of WeForest, an international non-profit association.These projects capture the same amount of CO2 we emit during our process.

In 2015, for example, we supported the plantation of 25.000 trees in Burkina Faso. And from 2016 until 2019 we supported the restoration of the East Khasi Hills - an eco-region - in India. Do you know the place? The area is rich in biodiversity, but under threat due to deforestation and degradation. The WeForest project tries fighting exactly that AND restores the area's forests. You know, for the people and the planet. Thanks to them helping the regeneration of nature and developing a sustainable community, the area's biodiversity and Khasi communities have been flourishing together. Great stuff, right?

In 2019 we used the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate our total carbon footprint. Like we do every year. Last year, our production accounted for 2460 tons of direct emissions, which we then compensated through the reforestation projects. This way, we’ve offsetted 13.120 tons of direct emissions between 2014 and 2019.*

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Meet (&) Greet! She is our Sustainable Development Manager. It's her passion to ensure that Provamel plant-based products are produced in the most sustainable way.


Reach out to her if you have a good suggestion or if you have any questions!

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*Following energy efficiency programs in our production sites in Europe, 2,450 t direct CO2 emissions remain attributed to Provamel production (2019 Scope 1+2, Greenhouse Gas Protocol). All 2,450 t are compensated by financial support to re-forestation project in India (The Khasi Hills Community REDD+) through (Provamel CO2 Retirement Certificate, 11.07.2020).